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Born Global is a major policy research project in the British Academy’s language programme. The project forms an integral part of the Academy’s Languages and Quantitative Skills Programme and will build on previous research into the demand and supply of language skills in the UK. The research aims to develop a deeper understanding of how.. read more →

Learning a language is a long-term investment and a great educational asset. Students who learn languages gain a plethora of other practical and personal skills, boosting their employability and career prospects. In collaboration with the European Commission, the Academy has published a new guide for current undergraduate students and school pupils illustrating the value of.. read more →

JNCL-NCLIS submitted this comment in response to a request for information (RFI) released by the White House office of Science and Technology Policy on the Strategy for American Innovation. read more →

Our colleagues at AATF have kindly shared this advocacy resource for the benefit of all JNCL-NCLIS members and language advocates. read more →

“Yes, we code”, but we can’t communicate! Don’t accept programming as a substitute for required foreign language training. It cheats students, and it will hurt our potential for international skills. It is also founded on a very false notion about our rapidly evolving digital culture. read more →

What is the value of a humanities education in the modern world? Combining humanities with technical knowledge—in all majors across campus—prepares students for real-world job experience. read more →