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Learning a language is a long-term investment and a great educational asset. Students who learn languages gain a plethora of other practical and personal skills, boosting their employability and career prospects. In collaboration with the European Commission, the Academy has published a new guide for current undergraduate students and school pupils illustrating the value of.. read more →

JNCL-NCLIS submitted this comment in response to a request for information (RFI) released by the White House office of Science and Technology Policy on the Strategy for American Innovation. read more →

Our colleagues at AATF have kindly shared this advocacy resource for the benefit of all JNCL-NCLIS members and language advocates. read more →

“Yes, we code”, but we can’t communicate! Don’t accept programming as a substitute for required foreign language training. It cheats students, and it will hurt our potential for international skills. It is also founded on a very false notion about our rapidly evolving digital culture. read more →

01 Aug 2014
August 1, 2014

Video: When the Humanities Become the World

What is the value of a humanities education in the modern world? Combining humanities with technical knowledge—in all majors across campus—prepares students for real-world job experience. read more →