The National Defense Authorization Act Restricts All funding for Confucius Institutes Creation of Cyber Institute Partnerships with “Strategic Foreign Language Proficiency” Focus Armed Forces to be Evaluated on Critical Language Shortfalls New Initiative for Higher Education Institutions Involved with Foreign Talent-Recruitment Programs Yesterday, President Donald Trump signed into law the John S. McCain Defense Authorization Act for.. read more →

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 9, 2018, WASHINGTON, DC — On Wednesday, leaders from the language service industry gathered on Capitol Hill to sound the alarm over new, “disruptive” employee classification regulations that threaten to upend the $45 billion-per-year industry’s business model. Over 50 language industry professionals attended the Association of Language Companies’ (ALC) policy summit.. read more →

The Office of Innovation and Improvement, along with the Department of Education is receiving comments to proposed changes in the way the Department allocates grants to charter management organizations. The open comment period ends August 27, 2018. Grants to Charter Management Organization for the Replication and Expansion of High-Quality Charter Schools (aka “CMO grants”) Changes to.. read more →

The Perkins Act moved through one of its last hurdles on Monday with no sign of the CODES Act Federal overreach was cited as the main concern for a program that would have incentivized the replacement of math, science and foreign language courses in high school with coding Education community supports an inclusive approach to.. read more →

Interpreting community coalesces around ethical standards for maintaining discretion under public and Congressional scrutiny July 17 marked the start of a whirlwind news week for Ms. Marina Gross, a State Department interpreter who accompanied President Trump to Helsinki to facilitate talks with Russian President, Vladimir Putin. She found herself, and her profession, under the inquisitorial gaze.. read more →