WASHINGTON, DC – The country’s service members in uniform need to be equipped with the necessary tools to maintain positive relations and foresee potential situations at home and abroad. This includes proficiency in world languages. Now, Congress has the opportunity to expand the educational opportunities for service members who graduate from the Defense Language Institute.. read more →

Legislative Update WASHINGTON, DC – On June 5, Representative Julia Brownley [D-CA-26] reintroduced H.R.3119 or the “Biliteracy Education Seal and Teaching (BEST) Act”. The bill was introduced as tens of thousands of students attend Seal of Biliteracy awards ceremonies across the nation. This bill would create a program of 2-year grants to State Education Agencies.. read more →

Late in May, the Department of Health and Human Services posted a draft of a new, proposed regulation to implement § 1557 of the Affordable Care Act. Section 1557 covers non-discrimination in the provision of health care, and includes the provision of language access. It is implemented through 45 CFR Part 92, which was finalized.. read more →

31 May 2019
May 31, 2019

May 2019 Legislative Update

Take a peek at JNCL-NCLIS’ work on Capitol Hill regarding Language Education and Language Industry issues. Language Education With respect to legislation on language education, JNCL-NCLIS has visited 300+ offices on Capitol Hill since the beginning of the 116th session asking Congress to address the recommendations of America’s Languages, the report of the Commission on.. read more →

On Wednesday, California’s lower legislative chamber passed AB5, 53-11, sending shock waves across the state for hundreds of thousands of independent contractors, including interpreters and translators. See JNCL’s previous posts about the origin of AB5, Dynamex, and the language service industry’s background, first response and second response. AB5 codifies the three part employee classification test,.. read more →

As of May 22, the House Appropriations Committee has completed draft appropriations bills funding the Departments of Education and State. Overall, our programs see significant increases in these drafts. However, the Senate has yet to agree to a budget, although negotiations among the Senate and House leadership and the White House are ongoing. It is.. read more →

WASHINGTON — Dr. Bill Rivers, Executive Director of JNCL-NCLIS received the prestigious William “Bill” Graeper Award, presented by the Association of Language Companies during their annual conference’s closing ceremony. The award, in honor the life and work of Bill Graeper’s, reads: “For exceptional service and dedication to language companies in the United States and around.. read more →

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MAY 1, 2019 | WASHINGTON, DC — On Wednesday, over 100 leaders from language service companies (LSCs) returned to lobby Congress on potentially “disruptive” employee classification regulations that continue to threaten to upend industry’s $51 billion/year business model. Today, there are an estimated 500 languages spoken in the US, and 7000 in.. read more →

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 4/19/19, WASHINGTON, DC — In the midst of National Classics Week, the American Classics League (ACL) scored a major victory on Thursday as Representative Warren Davidson (OH-8) read ACL’s congratulatory letter for its centennial into the Congressional record. The record is the official journal of the proceedings and debates in Congress as.. read more →

A message from the Executive Director: Dear Colleagues, This week, I learned of the passing of a colleague and mentor, Dr. John P. Robinson, Professor emeritus of Sociology at the University of Maryland. He was a co-author with Dick Brecht, myself, and several other researchers, on a number large-scale national randomly stratified surveys of attitudes towards.. read more →