A Concrete Policy Result Due to Collective Effort

To commemorate International Education Week 2018, the US Department of Education released new policy guidelines, along with a short video from the Secretary, that puts language learning front and center. (By the way, the video is worth watching; it’s probably the strong statement that the Department of Education has made regarding the importance of languages and global competencies in quite some time…).

In the revised international education strategy, “Succeeding Globally Through International Education and Engagement,” the Department acknowledges that students must “anticipate and adapt” by mastering “broadly transferable and versatile competencies” like “cultural intelligences.”
This version incorporates the global competency framework, developed in the last year of the previous administration, and references the AAAS Commission on Language Learning and the 2017 Global Competencies article in ACTFL’s quarterly research publication, the Foreign Language Annals. All three of these were activities undertaken by JNCL-NCLIS. Our collective work, with ACTFL, NFLC, American Councils, AAA&S, and many others, runs through the full document.
You may recall that the first version of this document, published in 2012, had but one mention of languages, in an infographic, in 6 point type. This revised document is a concrete example of the impact we have had, and the relationships we have collectively built over the past six years.
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12 Dec

JNCL-NCLIS Submits Comments Against “Public Charge” Proposed Rule

On December 4, 2018, JNCL-NCLIS submitted the following letter to the Department of Homeland Security via USCIS expressing our disapproval with the current administration’s proposed rule. The proposal can be found here. The Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL) represents a diverse network of over 130 organizations, companies and research institutes encompassing all areas of […]
04 Dec

Trump Administration’s “Public Charge” Rule Harmful to Families and US Businesses

Your Comments Needed:  In October, the Trump Administration directed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to publish a proposed rule expanding the definition of who is to be considered a “public charge” to include immigrants and non-immigrants alike who are authorized to be in the United States. The rule is accepting comments and recommendations from […]