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Your Connection to Capitol Hill

Being at the table saves you from being on the menu. Be a part of the leading organization advocating for public policies promoting the Language Enterprise. Membership allows you to gain access to high-level meetings with Congress, the U.S. Department of State, and other federal agencies, allowing to you foster an ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders and officials.

Exclusive Insider Info Adds Value For Your Members

Do you have a newsletter? A blog? By becoming a member, you will receive legislative and policy updates tailored to engage your audience. We track down –then break down– the information for you so that you can distribute timely policy updates to yourmembers. Exclusive reports from Capitol Hill on the latest news and trends affecting federal and state language policy adds real value to your organization.

Support A Growing Network of Language Advocates

JNCL’s members are reshaping the multilingual landscape of our nation. By joining, you help promote deeper intercultural understanding during a pivotal time in United States’ history. Create professional partnerships and life-long colleagues with like-minded people who feel passionately about the necessity of a more interconnected world with greater mutual understanding.

Discover the added value that membership can bring your organization!

More Member-Only Benefits Include:

  • Dedicated, industry-wide (non-profit and for-profit) representation in Washington, DC;
  • Discounts on advocacy, communications, media relations, and other workshops and research papers designed to support an advance your goals.
  • Participate in our new Language Advocate of the Year Award Program during our annual conference, Language Advocacy Day, in Washington, DC.
  • Opportunity to network at the federal level;
  • One-on-one policy consultation to strategize and execute state- and local-level advocacy campaigns;
  • Coordination of and preparation for Congressional and state meetings;
  • Actionable and timely analyses and advocacy alerts of federal policy and legislation impacting the language enterprise;
  • Participation in formulating industry priorities for policy and legislation;
  • Actionable and timely analyses and advocacy alerts of federal policy and legislation impacting the language enterprise;
  • Assistance in conceptualizing and implementing state- and local-level advocacy initiatives;
  • JNCL-NCLIS guest posts relating to language policy and advocacy on member organizations’ websites, newsletters, and publications;
  • Letters and testimony in support of state- and local-level advocacy;
  • Inclusion of member organizations’ announcements, conferences and events, and grant/scholarship offerings on JNCL-NCLIS email communications and website.

Contact us to learn more (info@languagepolicy.org)!