Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle pleaded with President Trump on Monday to carve out an exception to his new executive order for Iraqi citizens who contributed to the U.S. war effort, and are now in danger of being left in danger in that war-torn country. Thousands of translators who helped out American troops have already been brought to the U.S., but more are still trying to get here — and some of them seem to have been snagged by the new Trump policy, which imposes a temporary ban on most visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries and temporarily halts all refugee admissions. “These allies risked their own lives, as well as the well-being of their families, to advance America’s security interests in a region where their skillsets and willingness to confront extremism have been invaluable to mission success,” said Reps. Duncan Hunter, Adam Kinzinger, Earl Blumenauer, Steve Stivers, Seth Moulton and Peter Welch. Read more.