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What if special education just stopped in the U.S.? What if all the services our students with disabilities need went away? Rather than dismiss this as yet more apocalyptic rhetoric coming out in the early days of the Trump regime, consider this: for over a week, the Department of Education (DOE) website for American special.. read more →

Learning new words can be a challenge for any preschooler, but kids who take naps may have an advantage when it comes to developing language skills, a new study suggests. Researchers assessed 39 youngsters who were all 3 years old and found those who napped after learning new verbs had a better understanding of the.. read more →

The possessive “s” could be in danger. At least, that’s what linguist Anne Curzan says. At Pretzel Bell in Ann Arbor Monday night, Anne Curzan and Rebecca Kruth, co-hosts of That’s What They Say, led an Issues & Ale discussion about the ever-changing English language. Audience members asked Curzan about their biggest language pet peeves, like.. read more →

The Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education held a Voice Your Language forum on Feb. 20 to promote  multilingualism in the United States. Students, educators and community members attended the event that featured guest speakers authors Amada Irma Perez and Reyna Grande as well as the Grammy award-winning musician 123Andres. Each spoke on the.. read more →

Brenda Medina spends most of her time in the classroom translating lessons for her Corpus Christi ISD fourth-graders into English and Spanish because half her 20 students speak English and the other half need extra bilingual support. A nine-year veteran, Medina is part of an overworked force of bilingual certified educators in the state — as more.. read more →

New York City’s four-year graduation rate hit 72.6 percent last school year, the highest rate in city history and a two-point increase over 2015. That continues an upward trajectory for the city, which has seen a 26-point increase in its graduation rate since 2005. It also mirrors statewide and nationwide trends of rising graduation rates:.. read more →

First-time international enrollment growth at US universities held steady in 2016, up 5% for the second year in a row. However, the growth rate of international graduate applications is slowing as interest from key source markets drops, spurring the Council of Graduate Schools to warn universities to not take continuing growth for granted in the current policy environment. The.. read more →

The Obama administration’s accountability regulations for the Every Student Succeeds Act have been paused by the Trump administration, and they’re on thin ice in Congress. But U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos wants states to keep going on their ESSA plans. And she’s keeping in place the Obama administration’s timeline for submitting the plans, which.. read more →

Over the last few years, you may have noticed a surfeit of articles covering current research on bilingualism. Some of them suggest that bilingualism “sharpens the mind,” while other titles are clearly intended to provoke more doubt than confidence: “Is Bilingualism Really an Advantage?”. The pendulum swing of the news cycle reflects a real debate.. read more →