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The question of the day is: Are you smart?” professor José Saldívar announced at the start of class. “Don’t just give me a yes-or-no answer. Tell me why.” Seated in a sparkling new classroom at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley’s Edinburg campus, with rolling chairs in the school colors — blue, green and.. read more →

Foreign language skills are fundamental to the CIA’s success. Whether an officer is conducting a meeting in a foreign capital, analyzing plans of a foreign government, or translating a foreign broadcast, language capability is critical to every aspect of our mission. Language skills are the keys to accessing foreign societies, understanding their governments, and decoding.. read more →

A new baseball in a dirty, a worn-out backpack, a stuffed toy with a bit of the store tag still attached and even a wrestling mask are among the personal belongings that may be clues to the identity of migrants who’ve been dying in South Texas. The belongings on the website “I Have a Name,.. read more →

In prior Gradhacker blog entries, authors have discussed a variety of experiences negotiating identities. Some have focused on the professional identity, others on developing an online professional identity. Others still have discussed personal tensions between parenting/family/graduate school and others still of their experiences as a person of color and as an international student. I would.. read more →

Homework can be a controversial topic in education circles. Some — including parents and educators — strongly believe homework is an important part of a student’s education, and should be assigned to students on a nightly basis. Others believe homework does not provide a benefit for many of the students they serve, and that school.. read more →

Almost 30,000 students attend classes in the Chula Vista Elementary School District in California. The elementary school district is the largest in the state. It operates 45 schools between the city of San Diego and the United States border with Mexico.The majority of students are between five and 12 years old. The district is also.. read more →

The events of recent months have raised anew an old set of questions: What does it mean to be an American? How do we define freedom and democracy? How do we discern fact from fabrication? We cannot answer these questions without engaging the humanities. Truly, the humanities shine in tumultuous times because they provide us.. read more →

If you take the subway around New York, you can sometimes hear groups of young Jewish women chatting quietly, their hair covered. At a distance, it sounds like they’re using German, perhaps Hebrew. In fact, they’re speaking Yiddish, a language once spoken by over 10m people. The wars of the 20th century changed that; barely a.. read more →

Google’s AI recently made Translate more powerful and capable than ever before. The cloud-based system can now accurately decipher entire sentences based on the context of the language, but while the service will give you the correct words, and for most countries an audio clip of the phrase, there’ll still be regional accents and unfamiliar.. read more →