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The Fairbanks Native Association has been granted an award from the U-S Department of Education to start an Indigenous Language classroom project within its Head Start Program. The goal of the project is to have a classroom setting where three to five year olds will be able to speak the Koyukon Athabaskan Language. FNA will be hiring.. read more →

It was the first day of third grade, and students at my elementary school in Redwood City had just returned from summer break. My friend Fernanda had only been in the United States for about a year, and because she struggled to speak English, I spoke to her in Spanish. Fernanda and I both stood at.. read more →

Bilingualism is a surprisingly fraught topic of research. For a long time, exciting results have been pouring out of the field, suggesting that bilingual children have a cognitive advantage over monolingual kids. But many of those results haven’t replicated, leaving a confusing picture—and it’s going to take a lot of research to unravel the knot. There are also.. read more →

Victor Mair wrote on Language Log last month about a test in what appears to have been a third-year class in Chinese at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School, in New York. What made it news in China (see in particular this story in the South China Morning Post) was that the test involved giving synonyms for a number.. read more →

“Where would we be without words?” That’s the question the founder of Planet Word, a language museum planned to open in the District’s historic Franklin School in 2019, asks on the project’s website. It’s a good question, and the museum devoted to answering it will make a welcome addition to downtown D.C. As it turns out, the Franklin.. read more →

All month we’re publishing news-literacy lesson plans devoted to helping students determine why, how and where to find reliable information at a time when “fake news” is headline news. You might begin with our broadest lesson, Evaluating Sources in a ‘Post-Truth’ World: Ideas for Teaching and Learning About Fake News, which contains scores of activities and questions that.. read more →

Erin Debenport works with indigenous tribes in the Rio Grande Valley to help preserve their languages. But she has to keep her work a secret. Debenport, an assistant professor of linguistic and sociocultural anthropology who joined the UCLA faculty in fall 2016, said the tribes she works with are losing their languages because young people are.. read more →

“Have fun” and “don’t stress about the competition” read in part the instructions to the participants in the open round of the 10th annual North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO) that took place at Yale recently. More than 50 students from middle and high schools throughout Connecticut arrived at Yale to compete in the “pencil and paper contest,”.. read more →

Parents backing a proposed language immersion charter school will appeal to the state after the school board denied their application for sponsorship for a second time late Monday night. Panel members voted 5-0 against the revised application of Le Monde International School, which is seeking to offer immersion programs in French or Spanish to students in.. read more →