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At the beginning of each semester, Lise Dobrin asks the undergraduates who take her Languages of the World class at the University of Virginia if they’ve ever heard or read about endangered languages. Fifteen years ago, only a few had; nowadays everyone raises a hand. Why the shift? Because the popular media has done so many stories.. read more →

Impeached President Park Geun-hye’s surname is “Park,” right? Nope. In Korean it’s closer to “Bahk.” Park’s allegedly corrupt confidante, Choi Soon-sil, pronounces her name more like “Chwey” than the way it’s rendered in English. And Samsung’s ailing chairman, Lee Kun-hee? That English “Lee” is more like “Yi” or “Ii” in Korean. There is a gulf,.. read more →

Growing up on a rural island in Kandal province – some 30 kilometers from Phnom Penh – 9 year old Thon Thavry dreamed of being an author. Her dream came true at the age of 20 when her first children’s books series were published by the Room to Read Organization. Thavry, now 27, wrote her.. read more →

Before she fled her country’s burgeoning civil war, Micky Bondo was a medical researcher in the Democratic Republic of Congo spending her days in laboratories testing babies for sickle cell disease, a genetic red blood cell disorder, and counseling parents on their care. When she immigrated to the U.S. in 1996, Bondo learned she would.. read more →

Tony Tinoco led the tour for about ten  guests. He is the community programming and outreach manager at the museum. “The goal is, of course, having more people and reflecting that diversity from the city into our galleries and with our visitors.” Juan Acuna, a bilingual UNR student, was one of the first participants. “This.. read more →

Coming to the region at the start of the new year is a “nest” project focused on Inupiaq language revitalization. As KNOM’s Davis Hovey reports, a Nome-based non-profit organization called Inuusiq, Inc., which started up this year, is spearheading the project. “So, Inuusiq, Inc., was created by four young Inuit women. Myself, Iviilik, Hattie Keller; I’m the.. read more →

High up in the mountains of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, Delphine Gatewood teaches special education at the Crystal Boarding School. She’s dreading this winter, like she dreads every winter, because temperatures can slip into the negative digits which the school building just can’t handle. “You have a boiler system that regulates heat at.. read more →

The Eugene School District is looking to implement a Mandarin Chinese language immersion program next school year. The Register-Guard reports ( that the program would first be offered to students in kindergarten and first grade at Crest Elementary School. District officials say the program would expand to the next highest grade level each year until.. read more →

In 2016, bilingual education received a spotlight treatment rarely given to a teaching method partly in thanks to Proposition 58. Given the fact that California has one of the most linguistically diverse populations in the United States, the overwhelming decision to restore bilingual education in the state thrust the education of ELLs into the national conversation that will.. read more →