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A new report from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences has found that fewer and fewer U.S. residents are able to speak languages other than English despite a growing need for bilingualism. The trend could have negative consequences on “business, international affairs, and intellectual exchange,” the Academy said. Although a number of factors are responsible for the decline,.. read more →

Learning a new language is hard – especially if you’re an adult, especially if you’re busy, and especially if the language is based on really different sounds than your native tongue. Hard, but not impossible. In Scientific American, Veronique Greenwood highlights two recent studies that suggest you can get better at a foreign language simply by listening to it, without.. read more →

The ability to communicate with others in another language is crucial, especially because the United States is increasing its global presence. The job market is becoming more competitive. Americans need to be able to effectively communicate with international clients, and to do so, they need to become proficient in another language. Therefore, universities need to mandate.. read more →

While a record 64.7 million people ages five and older in the U.S. spoke a language other than English at home in 2015, a growing share of them are also fully proficient in English. According to analysis of census data by the Migration Policy Institute, “an independent, non-partisan, non-profit think-tank dedicated to the study of.. read more →

Studying abroad might not have crossed the mind of many students because they think it’s expensive. However, it must come as a surprise that a lot of cities in other parts of the world are actually cheaper than most cities in the United States. A report compared the cost of living, tuition, and housing of.. read more →

Bright colors and big writing line the walls of this standard Northside ISD elementary classroom. The room is average, but the students are not. For 11 of the 17 children in the classroom, English isn’t their first language. And it isn’t Spanish either. Arabic, Telugu and Tamil are the most commonly spoken languages after English and Spanish at.. read more →

In Ziyan Liu’s first-grade classroom at Madison elementary, students play a game called “little translator.” One student says a phrase in Chinese, then another student repeats the phrase in English, or vice versa. A student proclaimed during “little translator” that she liked Chinese better than English because it’s easier to understand. For some students, the pictures and.. read more →

Teacher Michael Bach said he and his colleagues will lead classes in Alutiiq, and it’ll be much like any other preschool. “You know, preschoolers don’t really learn about English,” Bach said. “Like a preschooler doesn’t walk into preschool and teachers say ‘this is a preposition and this is a proverbial phrase.’ We won’t be doing.. read more →

“Why would you want to be a teacher?” is a question I’m asked often when I say I teach high school French. Many adults can’t fathom the idea of standing in front of 30 or more hormonal teenagers every day. It’s also a question I ask myself particularly often during those last long weeks of the.. read more →