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Younger siblings of students enrolled in language immersion programs in Montgomery County public schools would no longer have guaranteed seats in the same schools under a system policy change tentatively approved this week. With the decision, the county school board is revisiting the system’s custom of granting students spaces in immersion programs attended by older siblings… read more →

Italy is one of the top vacation destinations in the world. The whole country is an outdoor museum, steeped in ancient history and customs. The food and weather are world-renowned. Even spoken Italian has a musical rhythm to it. One would think moving to Italy would be la dolce vita, or “living the sweet life”. However, living in.. read more →

Some machines can take something written in one language and give users the same or similar wording in another language. These machines are designed to do this kind of work quickly and without mistakes. Some of the devices are so small they can be carried around the world. The quality of translation software programs has.. read more →

In the last few months, I’ve moved houses no less than 35 times. I have been threatened, beaten, strip-searched, thrown in prison, tortured and made to watch as my mother knelt weeping at the dirty feet of tribal leaders to beg for any information about my kidnapped father. I have waited at countless checkpoints, praying.. read more →

There are more than a hundred of these geometric symbols. At first I tap at them like a monkey at a typewriter. Eventually I learn how to piece a few together to ask a question. Who are you? I administer this place. Where is everyone? They have gone up. Made by Grant Kuning, a developer.. read more →

Edwin Benson is making his journey to the spirit world and, if his prayers are answered, he will finally be in the company of others who can speak to him in a language now almost lost on Earth. Benson, of Twin Buttes on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, died Dec. 9 at the age of 85… read more →

Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto throws a white lab coat over her peach cardigan and grey skirt before giving a quick tour of the Brain & Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging at Gallaudet University, where she is the scientific director. The walls of the space, which includes an observation room, conference room and neuroimaging laboratory, are covered in.. read more →

When you are suddenly able to understand someone despite a thick accent, or finally make out the lyrics of a song, your brain seems to be re-tuning to pick out words that were previously incomprehensible. Now, neuroscientists at University of California, Berkeley have observed this re-tuning in action by recording directly from the surface of.. read more →

When a colleague’s tip led Jose Antonio Mazzotti, the King Felipe VI of Spain Professor of Spanish Culture and Civilization at Tufts, to a remote village in central Peru, most scholars believed that the ancient, undocumented language known as Iskonawa was nearly extinct, spoken only by a handful of people living in voluntary isolation on.. read more →