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Multilingual paraprofessionals—an untapped talent pool that could help address the nation’s shortage of bilingual K-12 educators—face bureaucratic, financial, and linguistic barriers that make it tough to earn teaching credentials, a new report concludes. According to the study from New America’s Dual Language Learners National Work Group, more than 30 states and the Districut of Colubmia.. read more →

Researchers say black, Hispanic and Asian students have made gains compared to their white peers but socioeconomic factors still hold students back. Against increasing odds, minority students have made significant academic gains relative to white peers of similar socioeconomic background, according to a new study co-authored by Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) Professor Martin Carnoy… read more →

Should computer coding be considered a foreign language? This question may be on the minds of many state lawmakers across the country during the 2017 legislative sessions.The issue of coding is a part of larger movement to improve K-12 computer science education. Components include allowing computer science classes to satisfy existing graduation requirements for math or.. read more →

Americans looking for information in Spanish about the Trump administration or White House history will have to wait a bit longer, as officials are promising it will be available soon. Just after President Trump took office at noon on Friday, went dark, with an error message explaining that “the page you’re looking for can’t.. read more →

Foreign language study helps high school students gain admission to colleges and universities, but should it also exempt from them from such study once admitted? An ongoing curricular debate at the University of Pittsburgh — in which about half the faculty seem to want to raise the standard for foreign language study and half want.. read more →

President Donald Trump has been married to two models and an actress, has five children and seven grandchildren, so there’s no question that he is the patriarch of a colorful family. Though Trump only speaks English himself, there is a mixture of languages spoken between former wives and current wife and their children. Trump’s first wife,.. read more →

Addictive language-education apps are essentially mobile games, and they add to your second-language vocabulary. But are users making any real gains toward fluency? When I first tried the free language learning app Duolingo, which calls itself “the most popular way to learn languages in the world,” I was delighted. I told it that I wanted to beef up my Latin American Spanish,.. read more →

An effort is underway to save one of the oldest languages to have been spoken in the Boulder Valley. Its name is common in this community — with a slightly altered spelling — attached to a key east-west thoroughfare, as well as a peak that glistens with snow to the west in the Indian Peaks.. read more →

Hablas español? Parlez-vous français? Ou pale ayisyen kreyòl? Ni huì shuo zhongguó? In today’s globally interconnected world, if you don’t understand at least one of these phrases, you’re at a distinct disadvantage. We as Floridians recognize this fact. We want to ensure our students’ future success and advocate that our public schools implement and augment their.. read more →