01 Aug 2016
August 1, 2016

QFI To Host Arabic Summer Institutes

QFI to host Arabic Summer Institutes

This summer, Qatar Foundation International (QFI) will host three professional development institutes, known as the Arabic Summer Institute, with forty-eight teachers of Arabic in three cities across the US. QFI’s Arabic Summer Institute provides an opportunity for teachers of Arabic to come together and discuss pedagogy, curriculum development, and cultural awareness in the classroom. The institute for middle and high school teachers will be hosted in partnership with the Arab American National Museum, in Dearborn, Michigan from today  until Friday. Fifteen middle and high school teachers from QFI-supported schools in the US and Canada will convene in Dearborn and learn more about integrating the teaching of Arab culture in the Arabic language classroom. QFI’s most experienced teachers will also be leading sessions for their peers, and participating teachers will have dedicated time each day for curriculum development. Read more.