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The Perkins Act moved through one of its last hurdles on Monday with no sign of the CODES Act Federal overreach was cited as the main concern for a program that would have incentivized the replacement of math, science and foreign language courses in high school with coding Education community supports an inclusive approach to.. read more →

Interpreting community coalesces around ethical standards for maintaining discretion under public and Congressional scrutiny July 17 marked the start of a whirlwind news week for Ms. Marina Gross, a State Department interpreter who accompanied President Trump to Helsinki to facilitate talks with Russian President, Vladimir Putin. She found herself, and her profession, under the inquisitorial gaze.. read more →

Identical House and Senate bills introduced that incentivize the replacement of math, science and foreign language courses in high school CODES Act would set dangerous precedent of federal overreach The Perkins Act, which the bills would amend, contains provision prohibiting “federal control over curriculum” On July 12th, Representatives Tony Cárdenas (D-CA) and Pete Olson (R-TX) introducedH.R. 6334 in.. read more →

Secondary world language programs may face threat during Perkins Act reauthorization in the Senate After years at the state level, “coding bill” to replace foreign languages reaches the national stage High School CODES Act shifts resources to schools that allow replacing foreign language, math or science courses with computer coding On June 26, the Senate.. read more →

A recent court ruling threatens to disrupt multi-billion dollar language service industry nationwide.  The gig-economy and the knowledge-based economy should be evaluated under equitable standards. Association of Language Companies (ALC) holding advocacy and policy summit in Washington August 8, 2018 to address the issue. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. The.. read more →