After 15 years of painstaking research, a German academic has amassed compelling evidence on the importance of Arabic as an international language. From his study of more than 7,000 living languages, Prof Ulrich Ammon, a linguistics specialist at Dusseldorf University, calculated that Arabic was spoken in 60 countries. He says that more people – 467 million –.. read more →

Learning foreign languages can be difficult especially when they involve practicing new tones and memorizing new alphabets. For Americans, that means Arabic and Chinese can be particularly challenging. But Tamer Elsharkawy, an Egyptian national who is an Arabic instructor in the U.S. capital, says there is a secret. “The magic key to teaching language is culture,”.. read more →

QFI to host Arabic Summer Institutes This summer, Qatar Foundation International (QFI) will host three professional development institutes, known as the Arabic Summer Institute, with forty-eight teachers of Arabic in three cities across the US. QFI’s Arabic Summer Institute provides an opportunity for teachers of Arabic to come together and discuss pedagogy, curriculum development, and cultural.. read more →

In Israel, a bid to make Arabic more of a language in common Though Arabic is an official language of Israel and roughly half of Israeli Jews trace their heritage to Arabic-speaking countries, today only about 1 in 10 can speak or understand it well, according to a 2015 study by Jerusalem’s Van Leer Institute. But.. read more →

How do you say ‘Welcome to Europe’ in Maltese? Check an Arabic dictionary It turns out that about one-third of the words in the Maltese language, not to mention its grammar, are derived from the Arabic that was spoken by Muslim settlers of the Mediterranean islands in the mid-11th century. When Malta, an archipelago between Sicily.. read more →

The challenges of translating the U.S. census questionnaire into Arabic In 2020, census questionnaires may for the first time be offered in Arabic, now the fastest-growing language in the U.S. However, the Census Bureau faces a challenge not only in translating the language but also in adjusting the appearance of the questionnaire for those accustomed to.. read more →

Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese June 16 – August 8, 2014 The Monterey Institute of International Studies’ summer language programs offer intensive language instruction for motivated students with a variety of academic and non-academic goals. Beginning, intermediate and advanced level courses are offered in the 8-week program. More information read more →

The 2014 Indiana University Summer Language Workshop (SWSEEL) is accepting applications for intensive study of Arabic, Hindi-Urdu, Hungarian, Mongolian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swahili, Tatar, Turkish, and Uzbek. * All students pay in-state tuition and earn 6-10 credits. * Competitive FLAS and ROTC Project GO scholarships available for qualified students. * Classes will be held June.. read more →

13 Nov 2013
November 13, 2013

The benefits of bilingualism

Over the course of my short time here at NDSU, I have met quite a few new people. I would say a good half of them speak a foreign language. Why only half you might ask? Well, those people that speak a foreign language usually come from somewhere other than the United States. The other.. read more →

Students learning Arabic at Central Junior High in Bedford have three teachers – the two in their classroom and another one 5,000 miles away. In Morocco. Once a month, the class calls him up on Skype. The students practice speaking Arabic and learn something about breaking down cultural barriers, too. Read more. read more →