This fall 50 Spokane kindergarten students will learn in Spanish and English. Spokane Public Schools will add two Spanish language immersion kindergarten classes in the Libby Center, where students will be instructed in Spanish half of the time. “We’re trying to prepare our students to be global citizens and be competitive in the workforce,” said.. read more →

Last month, Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Jack Smith released a budget proposal that included funding for expanding two-way dual immersion programs in elementary schools and developing a plan for continuing the approach through middle school. Currently, the Maryland school district has a handful of immersion programs, but the majority are one-way programs that primarily.. read more →

In language classes in area elementary schools, students spend less time memorizing vocabulary lists and conjugating verbs and more time speaking and writing the language. “We may be learning fewer vocabulary words, but the words students learn they will remember and use on a daily basis,” said Kyle Schumacher, superintendent of La Grange Elementary District.. read more →

While Californians passed a ballot measure to bring back bilingual education in the upcoming school year, educators say a challenge to getting the programs started will be finding more bilingual teachers. Nearly 20 years after banning most bilingual education, Californians voted in November to let schools restore it for English learners and English speakers whose.. read more →

In Ivonne Kendrick’s classroom at Houston Elementary School, 3-year-olds sit cross-legged in a circle, listening to their teacher sing about the fall season. “Llega el otoño tras el verano,” (Autumn comes after summer), they repeat after her in Spanish. One month into the school’s new dual-language program, their accents are unmistakably American. But they know how.. read more →

California voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly repealed a nearly two-decade-old law that limited bilingual education in public schools. Proposition 58 had about 73 percent support with 3.5 million votes counted. The measure undoes a 1998 law requiring schools to use English immersion for most students not fluent in the language. Supporters said the old law was tinged with.. read more →

In the Austin Independent School District in Texas, administrators recognize that same value for their native Spanish speakers who enter the public schools without English fluency. In 50 elementary schools, according to officials, these students now take classes in Spanish and English with an ultimate goal of achieving academic proficiency in both languages by middle.. read more →

Prop 58 now allows non-English languages to be used in public education instruction. English-learners can be taught by teachers who speak their native language to help them become proficient in English. The new law gives local school districts the option of working with parents and communities to create programs that best fit students. Parents can then decide what.. read more →

Current and former English-language-learner high school students are less likely to take advanced classes than their native English-speaking peers, a Regional Education Laboratory Northwest study finds. Based in Washington state, the researchers examined barriers that prevent English-language-learner students from taking more college-preparatory coursework-finding that academic preparation accounts for much of the difference in participation and performance.”English-learner.. read more →

Last Friday, the Statue of Liberty turned 130 years old. To this day, she stands as an iconic symbol of American opportunity. Her home state of New York still attracts newcomers from all over the world. Decades after the emergence of Chinatown, Little Italy, and El Barrio, the Big Apple continues to weave a rich,.. read more →