Changes in federal education policy that will come under the Trump administration are still unclear, but many states are nevertheless proceeding with plans to meet requirements of the Obama administration’s Every Student Succeeds Act. Under the ESSA law, accountability has shifted from the federal government to individual states. “You won’t see a ton of federal intervention around.. read more →

The Trump administration hit the pause button late Friday on a host of Obama administration regulations, including one detailing how accountability and state plans will work under the Every Student Succeeds Act. The regulation, which was finalized in November, doesn’t take effect until Jan. 30. On Inauguration Day, the White House issued an executive order.. read more →

The Obama administration’s final accountability rules for the Every Student Succeeds Act, issued Monday, give states greater flexibility on school ratings, schools with high testing opt-out rates, and in other areas than an earlier draft version, released in May. But, with President-elect Donald Trump set to take office in January, the regulations face an uncertain future. The U.S. Department of.. read more →

One of the major goals of the Every Student Succeeds Act is to give states and districts significantly more say in how they spend their federal dollars. And as a part of that effort, Congress collapsed a number of small federal programs aimed at health, safety, the arts, technology, and other areas into a broad-based block grant.. read more →

The Council of Chief State School Officers has proposed its own plan for ensuring that federal funds supplement and do not supplant state and local education spending, a plan that differs in a few key respects from the U.S. Department of Education’s own proposed rules. Under the proposal that CCSSO is submitting as a formal public comment to the Education.. read more →

The Every Student Succeeds Act: The Implications For Education Companies Webinar As a part of the Inside ESSA Webinar Series, EdWeek Market Brief will host a webinar titled The Every Student Succeeds Act: The Implications for Education Companies on Wednesday, August 24, 2016, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET. The Every Student Succeeds Act, approved by Congress and signed.. read more →

On July 6, the Department of Education released two Notices of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRMs) to implement provisions of Title I of ESSA. These notices “seek to ensure states administer high-quality assessments that are worth taking and provide meaningful data about student success and equity, while also encouraging states and districts to continue to push the.. read more →

Department of Ed. releases guidance explaining how schools can use federal funds for ‘well-rounded’ education, includes world languages One of the big selling points of the Every Student Succeeds Act is that it gives schools a chance to move beyond just reading and math and offer students a broader, “well-rounded” education that includes things like the.. read more →