UNESCO celebrated International Mother Language Day this week along with educators and government leaders worldwide, highlighting the importance of multilingualism and learning in the mother tongue. Irina Bokova, UNESCO director-general, said this year’s theme, ‘Towards Sustainable Futures through Multilingual Education’, provided an opportunity to mobilise for the Sustainable Development Goals, “in particular, SDG 4: to ensure inclusive and.. read more →

Aspiring and existing Colorado educators soon will be required to get additional training in an effort to better teach the state’s growing English language learner population. The State Board of Education on Wednesday directed the education department to begin drafting new guidelines that will lay out what sort of new training will be required. The new.. read more →

Brenda Medina spends most of her time in the classroom translating lessons for her Corpus Christi ISD fourth-graders into English and Spanish because half her 20 students speak English and the other half need extra bilingual support. A nine-year veteran, Medina is part of an overworked force of bilingual certified educators in the state — as more.. read more →

Homework can be a controversial topic in education circles. Some — including parents and educators — strongly believe homework is an important part of a student’s education, and should be assigned to students on a nightly basis. Others believe homework does not provide a benefit for many of the students they serve, and that school.. read more →

The Seal of Biliteracy has been hailed as an important initiative to recognize high school graduates who have attained proficiency in two or more world languages, and provide employers in their states a method of identifying job candidates with multiple language skills, according to a New American Economy study. The Seal of Biliteracy creates a tangible.. read more →

Miami businesswoman Elizabeth De Zulueta speaks English and Spanish. She knows some Italian and Russian, too. She’s also a robotics engineer who knows how to code using technical training in computer science and electrical and mechanical engineering. Having studied languages and coding, De Zulueta knows the value of both skills, and she can attest from her personal.. read more →

ESL instructors need to understand how languages work to be better able to serve the student population. Language is what makes us human, and it’s something no other creature has. Note the following, according to Noam Chomsky: “Language is a mirror of mind in a deep and significant sense. It is a product of human intelligence, created anew in.. read more →

Victor Mair wrote on Language Log last month about a test in what appears to have been a third-year class in Chinese at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School, in New York. What made it news in China (see in particular this story in the South China Morning Post) was that the test involved giving synonyms for a number.. read more →

All month we’re publishing news-literacy lesson plans devoted to helping students determine why, how and where to find reliable information at a time when “fake news” is headline news. You might begin with our broadest lesson, Evaluating Sources in a ‘Post-Truth’ World: Ideas for Teaching and Learning About Fake News, which contains scores of activities and questions that.. read more →

Erin Debenport works with indigenous tribes in the Rio Grande Valley to help preserve their languages. But she has to keep her work a secret. Debenport, an assistant professor of linguistic and sociocultural anthropology who joined the UCLA faculty in fall 2016, said the tribes she works with are losing their languages because young people are.. read more →