Erin Debenport works with indigenous tribes in the Rio Grande Valley to help preserve their languages. But she has to keep her work a secret. Debenport, an assistant professor of linguistic and sociocultural anthropology who joined the UCLA faculty in fall 2016, said the tribes she works with are losing their languages because young people are.. read more →

An effort is underway to save one of the oldest languages to have been spoken in the Boulder Valley. Its name is common in this community — with a slightly altered spelling — attached to a key east-west thoroughfare, as well as a peak that glistens with snow to the west in the Indian Peaks.. read more →

The Cherokee language is one of the most vital elements of our tribal culture. We have invested in preservation efforts and youth education endeavors, including the Cherokee Immersion School, which is a renowned global example for developing youth speakers. Today, there are an estimated 2,000 to 4,000 fluent Cherokee speakers, and many others who are.. read more →

Coming to the region at the start of the new year is a “nest” project focused on Inupiaq language revitalization. As KNOM’s Davis Hovey reports, a Nome-based non-profit organization called Inuusiq, Inc., which started up this year, is spearheading the project. “So, Inuusiq, Inc., was created by four young Inuit women. Myself, Iviilik, Hattie Keller; I’m the.. read more →

High up in the mountains of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, Delphine Gatewood teaches special education at the Crystal Boarding School. She’s dreading this winter, like she dreads every winter, because temperatures can slip into the negative digits which the school building just can’t handle. “You have a boiler system that regulates heat at.. read more →

Teacher Michael Bach said he and his colleagues will lead classes in Alutiiq, and it’ll be much like any other preschool. “You know, preschoolers don’t really learn about English,” Bach said. “Like a preschooler doesn’t walk into preschool and teachers say ‘this is a preposition and this is a proverbial phrase.’ We won’t be doing.. read more →

Cherokee has been one of a number of endangered Native American languages to see a renaissance in recent history. A group of University of Kansas researchers has co-authored a study demonstrating that the ways children learn and speak the language in a Cherokee immersion school are an ongoing process of renewal rather than a return.. read more →

How do you say “laptop” in Lakota? What about “Guinea pig”? Lakota is one of the Sioux family of languages, spoken in North Dakota and South Dakota. Guinea pigs are not an indigenous species in the Dakotas, so Lakota didn’t always have a name for these creatures. And obviously it hasn’t always had a name for.. read more →

At a very young age, a child begins to form their sense of self, even infants can recognize subtle differences between themselves and others. Early childhood educators can play a key role in helping a child form a positive self-image. Similarly, educators can also instill in their young students a respect and appreciation for diversity… read more →

Like many hundreds of reporters, I went there recently. But not to cover the protests – rather, to ask the members of the Standing Rock Sioux and other Lakota tribes about the fate of their ancestral language. The Lakota language is a key component of Lakota culture. Like all other Native American tongues, it seems.. read more →