November 2015, middle-school students from Westchester County, New York, found themselves on a windswept field in South Sudan mingling with a crowd of refugees fleeing civil war. Suddenly, they heard the deafening roar of low-flying military cargo planes overhead, followed by large bags of grain thudding to the ground all around them. “The kids were.. read more →

The two young Somali sisters sat at a table in the central registration center signing up for what would become their next big challenge in their journey to America – school. They came to enroll in the Buffalo Public Schools at an old building on Ash Street, an Ellis Island of sorts for thousands of immigrants.. read more →

The New York Museum of Natural History has opened the expected special exhibition “Cuba”, an unprecedented tour of the rich biodiversity and culture of the Caribbean nation. The institution located in the Manhattan district, one of the most famous entities of its kind on the planet -with more than five million visitors a year-, offers until.. read more →

New York City neighborhoods where the most common language spoken at home isn’t English stand out on web developer and designer Jill Hubley’s latest census map like islands: deep blue Spanish in Sunset Park; mint green Yiddish in Hasidic Williamsburg and a portion of Crown Heights; fuchsia Russian in Brighton Beach. Read more. read more →

Last Friday, the Statue of Liberty turned 130 years old. To this day, she stands as an iconic symbol of American opportunity. Her home state of New York still attracts newcomers from all over the world. Decades after the emergence of Chinatown, Little Italy, and El Barrio, the Big Apple continues to weave a rich,.. read more →

22 Jun 2016
June 22, 2016

New York Today: Our Disappearing Languages

New York Today: Our disappearing languages Aloha kakahiaka ma kēia Poʻalua nei! That means “Good morning on this Tuesday” in Hawaiian. But you’ve probably never heard that, or any Hawaiian, at your corner bodega or on the subway platform. Though New York City is one of the most linguistically diverse spots on Earth, Hawaiian – along with roughly.. read more →

New York state is a hotbed of debate and controversy over common-core standards and testing these days, and sharp disagreements are raging on among educators, parents, and policymakers over the state’s rollout of the new learning standards and the assessments being designed to measure student performance. Responding in part to concerns over assessment, New York education.. read more →

The state education department is asking the governor and the Legislature for $30.9 million to fund several new programs, including the creation of Spanish-language literacy exams for students who struggle with English and a technological update that will reduce the time students spend testing. Read more. read more →

07 Nov 2013
November 7, 2013

Latin is a Common-Core natural

As a senior in high school, I have been asked every year for the past four years what classes I will be taking in the fall. As I go through my five different periods on my fingers, I am always met with the same odd look and shocked response when I say that I will.. read more →

Each year, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho) offers scholarships to international students, providing hundreds with the opportunity to live and study in Japan. Information on these scholarships is included below, and we encourage you to take advantage of these unique opportunities to learn more about Japan, its people and.. read more →