The question of the day is: Are you smart?” professor José Saldívar announced at the start of class. “Don’t just give me a yes-or-no answer. Tell me why.” Seated in a sparkling new classroom at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley’s Edinburg campus, with rolling chairs in the school colors — blue, green and.. read more →

Almost 30,000 students attend classes in the Chula Vista Elementary School District in California. The elementary school district is the largest in the state. It operates 45 schools between the city of San Diego and the United States border with Mexico.The majority of students are between five and 12 years old. The district is also.. read more →

It was the first day of third grade, and students at my elementary school in Redwood City had just returned from summer break. My friend Fernanda had only been in the United States for about a year, and because she struggled to speak English, I spoke to her in Spanish. Fernanda and I both stood at.. read more →

This fall 50 Spokane kindergarten students will learn in Spanish and English. Spokane Public Schools will add two Spanish language immersion kindergarten classes in the Libby Center, where students will be instructed in Spanish half of the time. “We’re trying to prepare our students to be global citizens and be competitive in the workforce,” said.. read more →

Americans looking for information in Spanish about the Trump administration or White House history will have to wait a bit longer, as officials are promising it will be available soon. Just after President Trump took office at noon on Friday, went dark, with an error message explaining that “the page you’re looking for can’t.. read more →

In language classes in area elementary schools, students spend less time memorizing vocabulary lists and conjugating verbs and more time speaking and writing the language. “We may be learning fewer vocabulary words, but the words students learn they will remember and use on a daily basis,” said Kyle Schumacher, superintendent of La Grange Elementary District.. read more →

Tony Tinoco led the tour for about ten  guests. He is the community programming and outreach manager at the museum. “The goal is, of course, having more people and reflecting that diversity from the city into our galleries and with our visitors.” Juan Acuna, a bilingual UNR student, was one of the first participants. “This.. read more →

The South Bend Community School Corp. is starting a new program in the fall that will allow students to receive half of their instruction in English and the other half in Spanish. The Dual Language Immersion program, which the school board approved at its meeting Monday night, will start on a small scale with 50 kindergartners.. read more →

The New York Museum of Natural History has opened the expected special exhibition “Cuba”, an unprecedented tour of the rich biodiversity and culture of the Caribbean nation. The institution located in the Manhattan district, one of the most famous entities of its kind on the planet -with more than five million visitors a year-, offers until.. read more →

Starting November 22, NPR will begin distribution of the award-winning Spanish-language podcast Radio Ambulante.Hosted by Peruvian-American novelist Daniel Alarcón, Radio Ambulante is a Spanish language podcast that uses long-form audio journalism to tell important but neglected and under-reported Latin American and Latino stories. “Daniel Alarcón and the Radio Ambulante team are pioneers in audio storytelling in the Spanish language. Their ear.. read more →