As Japanese tourism grows, businesses struggle to bridge the language divide between international visitors and locals. Panasonic, however, may have a solution: a multilingual loudspeaker. The Megahonyaku-an amalgamation of “megaphone” (megahon) and “translation” (hon’yaku)-automatically translates Japanese into English, Chinese, and Korean. Simply speak into the microphone; the machine listens and analyzes sentence structure, and transcribes.. read more →

Rosetta Stone reluctantly took teaching gigs in Maine’s classrooms this year. “We never want to replace someone’s job,” says Franklin Moomaw, the company’s regional director of education in the state. Rosetta Stone’s recommendation was for the program to supplement teacher lessons-it’s used this way in 4,000 schools in the US. The thing is, humans didn’t want the work… read more →

Last week The Tandem Traveler, a tech startup that teaches foreign language for travelers, launched a crowdfunding campaign on to fund development of a mobile travel language app. The program will combine the effectiveness and convenience that language apps like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone provide, but with a focus on words and phrases specifically.. read more →

Although machines can outperform humans in almost any skill set today, there is still one process that they have yet to master: translation. Several students learning a second or third language in particular will have undoubtedly encountered some of the more hilarious results produced by Google (mis)Translate. But a fascinating solution was recently proposed by.. read more →

If you’re bilingual or multi-lingual, chances are when you’re typing on your smartphone, you won’t be using just one language but probably switching back and forth between two or more. And if you’re using SwiftKey as your virtual keyboard, the good news is that they’re now adding multilingual support for those of you that would want to.. read more →

In a thousand-year-old language like Yiddish, with many of its words rooted in the ancient Bible, how would you say “email”? Or “transgender”? Or “designated driver”? Or “binge watch”? Those terms came into popular usage long after the language’s heyday, when it was the lingua franca of the Jews of Eastern Europe and the garment workers.. read more →

The idea behind Seniors and Youth – SAY – started with a social mission to empower retired Korean senior citizens. When 2014 College graduate Quan Nguyen heard about the startup, he leaped at the opportunity to join his friend and founder of the company, Yongmin Cho. SAY is a cross-cultural and cross-generational online Korean language service program that.. read more →

Skype users can now add Russian to the list of languages the software’s real-time translation service can interpret for them.”Russian is the eighth most popular spoken language in the world and our Russian-speaking customers around the world have always been particularly enthusiastic about Skype Translator,” announced Microsoft in an Oct. 11 blog post. For those keeping count,.. read more →

Chatbots suck. We all know it. If you want to get something done with a computer, it turns out, there are better ways to do it than laboriously type out conversational sentences to be read by a programme with a shaky grasp of the language and a gratingly affected sense of humour. So I’m as surprised.. read more →

Until very recently instantaneous translation tools have been confined to Sci-Fi television. Dr Who’s TARDIS can translate any language in the galaxy, and although the tech world hasn’t yet caught up to the Time Lord, it seems that 2016 really is the year of automated translation services. Skype’s translation tool launched live early this year, joining.. read more →