A recent court ruling threatens to disrupt multi-billion dollar language service industry nationwide.  The gig-economy and the knowledge-based economy should be evaluated under equitable standards. Association of Language Companies (ALC) holding advocacy and policy summit in Washington August 8, 2018 to address the issue. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. The.. read more →

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle pleaded with President Trump on Monday to carve out an exception to his new executive order for Iraqi citizens who contributed to the U.S. war effort, and are now in danger of being left in danger in that war-torn country. Thousands of translators who helped out American troops.. read more →

President Trump’s executive order banning refugees and others from entering the United States damages many; but none worse than a small group of Muslims who were willing to sacrifice their lives aiding our troops: language translators in Iraq and Afghanistan. These people took a grave risk by serving the US military and intelligence forces in.. read more →

Communication is critical in most professions, but in some, clear verbal exchanges can mean the difference between life and death. Soldiers in the US Army stationed abroad, for example, must convey and understand information in languages other than English, but don’t always have access to interpreters to help them communicate. To assist with this, the.. read more →

Some machines can take something written in one language and give users the same or similar wording in another language. These machines are designed to do this kind of work quickly and without mistakes. Some of the devices are so small they can be carried around the world. The quality of translation software programs has.. read more →

In the last few months, I’ve moved houses no less than 35 times. I have been threatened, beaten, strip-searched, thrown in prison, tortured and made to watch as my mother knelt weeping at the dirty feet of tribal leaders to beg for any information about my kidnapped father. I have waited at countless checkpoints, praying.. read more →

After a protracted political debate, Congress passed a measure on Thursday that would offer sanctuary to a fraction of the Afghan interpreters and translators who have risked their lives to help the military. The measure, included in an annual military policy bill, renews the nearly nine-year-old visa program for Afghans facing serious threats because they.. read more →

When Jenny McKeon tells people she translates Japanese manga, or comics, into English for a living, they’re usually puzzled that she has any job security at all. “Very frequently they’re not sure why that’s still a job when Google Translate exists,” the 26-year-old Amherst, Mass. resident said. “I wonder if they’ve used Google Translate before because I feel like.. read more →

As Japanese tourism grows, businesses struggle to bridge the language divide between international visitors and locals. Panasonic, however, may have a solution: a multilingual loudspeaker. The Megahonyaku-an amalgamation of “megaphone” (megahon) and “translation” (hon’yaku)-automatically translates Japanese into English, Chinese, and Korean. Simply speak into the microphone; the machine listens and analyzes sentence structure, and transcribes.. read more →

GNMT’s creators were curious about something. If you teach the translation system to translate English to Korean and vice versa, and also English to Japanese and vice versa… could it translate Korean to Japanese, without resorting to English as a bridge between them?  As it turns out — yes! It produces “reasonable” translations between two languages that.. read more →