“Where would we be without words?” That’s the question the founder of Planet Word, a language museum planned to open in the District’s historic Franklin School in 2019, asks on the project’s website. It’s a good question, and the museum devoted to answering it will make a welcome addition to downtown D.C. As it turns out, the Franklin.. read more →

One in four seniors in the School of Foreign Service has declared a foreign language minor since the SFS began recognizing foreign language minors this fall, with Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish language courses remaining the most popular choices among students. Eighty-six out of about 350 students in the Class of 2017 have formally submitted minor.. read more →

Metro News 08/17/2016 F ederal Transit Administration (FTA) guidance to transit agencies on meeting the needs of limited English proficient (LEP) populations – i.e., those who have a limited ability to read, write, speak, or understand English – says that the agency should provide written translation of vital documents for “each eligible language group that.. read more →

The Washington Post 8/21/2016 W hen students arrive for their first day at Theodore Roosevelt High School on Monday, they will walk up a grand staircase surrounded by large, colonial columns and into the results of a $127 million renovation that includes an Olympic-size swimming pool.  Both MacFarland and Roosevelt will become Spanish dual-language schools beginning next.. read more →

Maya hieroglyphic language, theory and decipherment seminars to be held at library The Library of Congress in September will begin hosting monthly seminars of the Pre-Columbian Society that focus on the epigraphy and hieroglyphics of the early Americas. The society’s Maya Hieroglyphic Inscription, Theory and Decipherment Seminars (known as the Glyph Group) are held monthly to.. read more →

This school district wants all of its students to see the world – for free D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson says that travel-abroad programs – and the opportunity to explore a different culture and meet people from different backgrounds – have typically been available only to students from affluent families. She wants to make.. read more →

Is there a Washington D.C. accent? It turns out Washington is a tough place for linguists to tease out the real accent. It is one of the most transient cities in the country, and most people who live in D.C. actually grew up in other places around the country. This causes real problems for linguists. To.. read more →

Over the summer, JNCL-NCLIS conducted a survey of all members of Congress regarding self-reported language ability.  We have compiled a report of the encouraging results from the survey. Congress speaks world languages read more →

Each year, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho) offers scholarships to international students, providing hundreds with the opportunity to live and study in Japan. Information on these scholarships is included below, and we encourage you to take advantage of these unique opportunities to learn more about Japan, its people and.. read more →

18 Sep 2013
September 18, 2013

Remarks for Staff House of Representatives

September 17, 2013 “U.S. Global Competence:  The Role of International and Foreign Language Education Programs” Todd Bowen 9th Congressional District, Illinois Department Chair, New Trier Township High School, Winnetka Illinois Professional Issues Chair, Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Delegate, Joint National Council on Languages-National Council on Languages and International Studies Board of.. read more →