08 Nov 2016
November 8, 2016

UNG JNCL-NCLIS Member Spotlight

The University of North Georgia Center for Global Engagement

The Center for Global Engagement (CGE) is the University of North Georgia’s (UNG) connection to the world. The CGE is home to International Student and Scholar Services, Study Abroad Services, the Federal Service Language Academy (FSLA), Military International Programs, International Internships, and International University Partnerships. All of these sectors operate with the focus of providing international learning opportunities to the UNG students and faculty who desire to enhance their cross-cultural perspectives and global understanding. These programs validate the CGE mission of facilitating international and cross-cultural experiences for students, faculty, staff, and the greater community in order to better integrate the University of North Georgia into the globalized world. UNG sends more than 300 students each year all across the world. Visit http://ung.edu/global-engagement/index.php for more information.